Rebedex Ede
Stands for quality and pays attention to detail.
From drawing board to delivery, Rebedex has everthing under control and in its own hands.

In brief a few words toe illustrate our facilities:
  • Computer-assisted design
  • Company owned mould production
  • Products up to 80 cm diameter
  • 24 injection mould machines
  • 4.000 m manufacturing area
  • Transportation by Rebedex trucks or by a shipping agent

Rebedex maintains a large number of its products in stock, in order to guarantee a short delivery time. Large series are manufactured in consulation with the client. All Rebedex products bear the EAN bar code and are manufactured under unconditional colour and quality guarantee. Deliveries are made on Euro-pallets or in container. Rebedex has many facilities for growers in order to present the product in the best possible way.

Nature inside the home:
"Living Greenery" creates a pleasant atmosphere inside and outside our environment. Flowers an plants radiate warmth and style in the home, terrace, balcony and garden. Rebedex designs and manufactures vases, pots and plant containers in many attractive coulours, also for hydroponic use. These products complete and improve our living environment. Rebedex plastic quality products are finished with utmost attention to detail and match perfectly with plants and environment.

For a more attractive and better environment:
The design department of Rebedex Ede develops market-oriented products for the highly-demanding consumer. Tis means that our products will suit a wide range of tastes and trends. Market-oriented production means that we are very careful with energy and mainly use anti-static material. For packaging our products we use fully recycable material.
Rebedex Ede stands for quality and pays attention to detail.